Administrative delays cause 83% of UK businesses to lose out on top candidates

According to research from Access Recruitment, delays with pre-employment candidate screening is threatening talent acquisition within most UK companies. More than 83% are losing out on top candidates due to the long waiting times to complete pre-screening checks.

With the current candidate shortage, recruiters can’t afford to delay their process any further. 61% of companies are experiencing these delays due to the Government processing system used to complete the background checks.

Recently there has been an increase in businesses introducing automated screening, especially for Right to work checks. In October the Home Office made the RTW process digital, this introduced certified Identification Document Verification Technology (IDVT) for continued worker identification checks digitally without having to meet physically.

The current manual screening process is flawed and effects employees and candidates. Employers suffer delays in accessing the candidates they are in desperate need for and it effects candidates as they become stalled in communicating with their current employers.

James Waby stated, “Organisations would be wise to harness the power of automation to onboard talent efficiently, Automated screening speeds up time to hire dramatically, which is crucial given today’s competitive candidate market.”

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Administrative delays cause 83% of UK businesses to lose out on top candidates – HR News

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