Another umbrella company accused of ‘skimming’ millions from contractors

Following recent allegations, another UK leading umbrella company has been reducing millions of contractors’ pay, reportedly amounting to a 1.5% deduction. Umbrella payroll auditor, PayePass, has urged contractors to “run a mile” from umbrellas that refuse to a transparent payroll audit.

Publication, Contractor Voice, states: “Liquid Friday is making millions of pounds by hiding in plain sight an additional fee that has been costing contractors dearly every single week for years.”

This huge revelation came out just weeks after a different umbrella company, Orange Genie, was reported by Contractor Voice for unlawfully skimming £2 from each contractor’s pay for over 5 years amounting to £4million.

 “Another week and another umbrella company has been accused of skimming money from unsuspecting contractors. This time, the umbrella in the spotlight is said to have been deducting 1.5% from every payslip. This apparent sleight of hand and other mischievous ways to syphon money from contractors doesn’t help the reputation of the umbrella industry.” Stated Fred Dures, founder of PayePass.

“We should be careful not to tar all umbrellas with the same brush, though. True, there are a few cowboys, but this industry isn’t the wild west. Believe it or not, more umbrella companies are taking it upon themselves to raise standards and demonstrate their compliance, which can be achieved by auditing payroll processes. Many operators are watching situations like this unfold and are proactively looking to show to contractors, recruiters and end clients that they can be trusted.” He continued.

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