Great Resignation? | Why some industries are still facing a staffing crisis

The term ‘Great Resignation’ has permeated through society causing deepening concern within the business world over staffing crises in several industries.

Its impossible to read a newspaper or listen to the radio without hearing about the “strange phenomenon” that occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, when workers contemplated their own lives and mortality and how they were spending their precious time.

In May 2021 the term became much more prominent, the data that followed predicted that 2022 would be a catastrophic year for businesses. Microsoft’s 2021 Work Trend Index claimed that an astonishing 41% of the workforce would quit their jobs within the year, that number swiftly rose to 54% when talking about younger generations.

For the most part, the predictions quickly came true. Most industries were infatuated with shortages, with hospitality, tech and the service industry feeling the hit most. In towns and cities across the country, ‘Help Wanted’ signs became a common sight.

Over 12 months later, we’re still regularly seeing headlines about the Great Resignation. This is due to new research, where the data shows, it’s not over yet. Some workers claim that the core issues that prompted this problem haven’t been solved.

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