Organizations Rapidly Adopting Qlik AutoML to Bring the Power of Machine Learning to Analytics Teams

A growing number of organisations throughout a range of industries have chosen to utilise Qlik AutoML™, to strengthen their decision making with predictive analytics for the 90% of cases that don’t require deep expertise of professional data scientists.

Every industry utilises machine learning, but its wider value and adoption has been limited by the gap in data scientist resources and bandwidth. Qlik AutomML is now filling that gap by providing an easy code-free program for analytics users and teams to leverage machine learning to train models, make predictions, and plan decisions on their current analytics use cases. Teams across the organization can now experiment and explore using Qlik AutomML’s predictive data and test different “what – if” scenarios which trigger alerts and automation for actions within the business.

Organisations such as Chief Works, RevLocal and Bentley systems are all using Qlik AutoML to predict churn, drive effectiveness and retain and engage clients by predicting likely outcomes to different situations and then form strategies. Another example is Polygon Research, which serves the mortgage industry with actionable market intelligence. Polygon is using Qlik AutoML to make predictions in areas like loan repayments to help lenders make appropriate interventions by offering refinancing or loan modifications.

“This is where AutoML really shines,” said CTO of Polygon Research, Greg Oliven “You can get down to individual loans, see the percentages on every single variable and then see the cumulative decision: is this borrower going to prepay or not? What’s the prediction? And what’s the strength of that prediction?”

AutoML has many common uses that can be applied across a variety of departments. It’s used in Marketing for customer lifetime value and demand forecasts, supply chains for transport optimization and inventory predictions/ bottlenecks, in Finance for investment optimization and risk management, it’s used throughout Sales for churn, retention and forecasting and It’s also popular with HR, for recruiting, employee satisfaction and retention. All these departments have seen the benefits of better predictions and proactive engagement.

Vice president, product marketing at Qlik Josh Good stated “Modern analytics, when augmented with machine learning, can take the guesswork out of the future and help decision makers know what is likely to happen, why that outcome is likely and, crucially, what changes will influence the outcome.” “Qlik AutoML is helping organizations drive more value from their data and empowering their teams to look around the corner when making decisions that impact outcomes.”  

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