Over a third of businesses having difficulties recruiting employees

Over a third of companies in the UK have reported difficulties in recruiting employees in September 2022, according to a recent BICS survey.

A high proportion of employers are struggling to recruit due to 2 reasons, 62% due to low number of applicants for the roles they are offering and 57% due to lack of qualified applicants.

Companies reporting recruitment issues also blamed a severe reduction in applicants from the EU and a growing number of vacancies to be filled.

Nearly 29% of employers also stated that they could not offer an engaging enough salary for the applicants.

The current rising staffing costs remain a main worry for many employers, 47% have said staff expenditure increased in the past three months and 40% are expecting further increases before the end of the year.  

“The data demonstrated just how important it was that businesses were able to retain staff and are doing all they could to limit longer-term absences in the current economic climate.” Stated David Pye, Director at Broadstone

“Employers in the UK are experiencing huge difficulties when it comes to recruiting high-quality employees as the hunt for talent intensifies.”

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