The top 10 office amenities workers look for when applying for a job

Workthere, a flexible office specialist recently surveyed 1,000 UK office workers to determine what office amenities they look for when job hunting, the survey found that parking came out on top, closely followed by catering, free coffee, gym facilities and pet-friendly workspaces.

The 10 office amenities UK workers look for when applying for a job:

  1. Parking- 32%
  2. Catering facilities- 31%
  3. Free coffee- 24%
  4. Outside space- 24%
  5. On-site gym- 22%
  6. Office furniture- 22%
  7. Green space- 21%
  8. Relaxation spaces- 20%
  9. Pet-friendly office- 18%
  10. Security- 18%

After parking, catering came a close second with a third of people saying that offering food would encourage them to take the job. After analysing the data further, 47% of office workers in the south west listed parking facilities as top of their list when applying for new jobs, whereas in Scotland 25% of people found catering facilities more important.

Further research has revealed that 60% of UK employees would rather work within a Hybrid role, however it seems enticing office amenities are still important, despite spending less time in the office.

Interestingly wellness has ranked much higher than social office amenities such as community events and pool tables. UK employees prefer outside spaces, relaxation areas and plenty of natural light when they are applying for a job.

29% of British workers have expressed that they would like relaxation spaces in the office but in contrast to this only 19% of companies have these types of spaces available in the workspace.

The data found by Workthere shows a clear distinction between a fun office perk and amenities that employees need to work more efficiently and effectively. For example, 13% of people who took part in the survey said they would like air hockey, table tennis or a pool table. Whereas 17% would prefer mental health support provided.

The five office amenities least likely to impact when applying for a new job:

  1. Auditorium space- 7%
  2. Concierge service- 7%
  3. Phone booths- 8%
  4. Community events- 9%
  5. Pool table- 13%

“These results provide an interesting insight into the amenities that are important to office workers in the UK. Whilst there are many other factors that will influence the attraction and retention of talent, it is clear that amenities also play a key role and could, in some instances, be a deciding factor.” Jack Williamson, Head of Workthere UK, said.

“Given the focus around sustainability, it is interesting to see car parking coming out on top, and this could be something that we may see change in importance as we move forward. The focus on wellbeing will continue to grow with individuals and businesses recognising the huge role that this plays in the work/ life balance. Looking ahead, it is vital that flexible office provides factor this in and continue to listen to the wants and needs of their customers in order to remain relevant and agile.”

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