Two-Thirds Of Contract Workers Look To Go Perm

65% of the UK’s temporary and contract workers are currently thinking about moving to a permanent role, according to the new survey, many are changing recruitment agencies too.

The survey shows, building a positive and loyal relationship with talent requires more than supplying access to the correct jobs, in fact top of the priority list for contract and temporary workers is, a good reputation, a previous positive experience along with desirable job opportunities but the data also revealed that 30% of temporary and contract workers have reported that they have abandoned a job search due to the recruitment process taking too long.

Data from the survey conducted by Bullhorn, of more than 400 contract and temporary workers across several different industries, showed us that a positive experience with recruitment agencies throughout the whole process made contract and temporary workers three times more likely to work with the agency again in the future.

Providing the best possible recruitment experience is key to retaining access to available tal

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Two-thirds of contract workers look to go perm – Freelance Informer

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