What new flexible working rights mean for UK businesses and employees

This month, the UK Government announced their plans to promote flexible working by giving employees the right to ask for part-time hours or home-working arrangements from the first day of a new job.

Nadia Vatalidis, VP of People at Remote said “Following the new Employment Relations (Flexible Working) Bill, many employees across the UK will now have more opportunities to explore flexible working in an open and less restrictive environment.

This new Bill will include new forms of work such as job-sharing, flexitime, and working compressed, annualised, or staggered hours. The aim of this new legislation is to strip away any exclusivity clauses and remove unnecessary barriers that put a stop to those who wish to pursue a second job.

The day-one right to request flexible working will help around 1.5 million people who earn on or below the Lower Earning Limit. It will also help those directly with responsibilities, such as caring for children or vulnerable people. This is likely to be well received by parents, our recent report found that 78% of parents value flexibility in the workplace.

We can expect to see most employees directly benefiting from this change as our recent report also revealed employees believe flexible hours are the most important employee benefits when considering a job move.”

Nadia goes on to explain what this change will mean for UK businesses and workers:

“With the new flexible working Bill coming into effect, its changes to the workplace will be a greater advantage for both employers and employees.

Despite these new legislations being explicitly created for employees, studies have also shown higher productivity and staff retention rate, influencing financial return as a result of flexible working.

This new employment change will not come as a shock. Our recent Q2 to negotiating their flexible working policy since The Great Resignation began.

We strongly believe this new legislation will help improve working conditions for employees with responsibilities and commitments outside of work, and those who wish to pursue a second career.

Overall, the new Bill is a step in the right direction and hopefully will significantly impact the future of work across the UK.”

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