SearchDATA specialise in search and selection within the data and analytics sector.

We recruit across the UK, US and Europe for both permanent and contract skillsets.

Our consultants are skilled in fulfilling project requirements from junior to Director level.

We follow strict “best practice” procedures to ensure an exceptional service for both our clients and candidates and deliver a timely solution.

Whether your requirement be a data engineer or a BI analyst, we will have a head start on the competition and will be best placed to “buy back time” in your search.

Our day to day is spent speaking to professionals in our network and understanding market trends. Our proactive approach guarantees a solid market coverage and ensures our consultants have up to the minute knowledge of emerging technologies allowing us to advise our clients on their requirements effectively and confidently.

We are a consultancy, not an agency.

Think of us like your local GP. You may know what the issue is however, you go to them for specialist advice and help. When it comes to recruitment come to a specialist.


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We take the time to understand the underlying business needs which create the root cause or need for the role.

We can then create a job description for you if needed, advise on salary levels depending on your geographic location, and suggest a timeframe to hire.

This background information and process is what has allowed us to work with some of the most well known and respected businesses across the UK and some of the most exciting start-ups and SMEs from Big4 to independent retailers.

Want to know more about SearchDATA Group?

SearchDATA Group comprises of: SearchDATA for permanent recruitment solutions, Search CONTRACTS for contract recruitment requirements, SearchDATA Partnerships for our managed service offering, and Focus: inside data magazine for our industry publication.

Our four business arms ensure we have the solution to every business need, whilst providing free publicity with our industry publication.

Our consultants are skilled in fulfilling project requirements from junior to director level.

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Salary Guide

For your copy of the most in-depth and accurate Data & Analytics salary guide SearchDATA have produced, click here to download.



Salary Guide London

Based in London? Read SearchDATA Group’s dedicated London Salary Guide here.




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SearchDATA Partnerships

We understand that when it comes to high quality talent the search never ends. Wouldn’t you rather be spending your time doing what you do best?

As your business grows so does the complexity of your hiring needs. Many organisations find they just don’t have the strategies or tools needed to be able to secure the talent they seek.

If your internal recruitment resource needs a little extra help then look no further than a Managed Service Partnership (MSP). By creating an integrated recruitment and organisational partnership an MSP can bring you the best possible results. Using the most up to date recruitment processes and technologies an MSP will deliver you the top talent to take your business to the next level.

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Client Handbook

This guide aims to provide clients with up to date information on recruitment processes and developments. It will also deliver a range of helpful fact sheets on how to manage changes and deliver best practices in the rapidly changing business landscape.

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