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You may well think that if you keep your head down, work hard, and do a good job day in and day out then a promotion will surely come your way at some point. For a lucky few this may be the case. But often it takes more than just doing a good job to secure that dream promotion. Here is our ‘How to get a promotion top 5 tips.’

You need to take active steps to show that you are ready and more than able to take on more responsibility.

Be open about what you want

If you don’t communicate that you want to progress in your career, then how will managers and leadership know? It is up to you to talk to them and express your desires for promotion and progression.

Arrange a 1:1 and set out with your manager where you want to be in 12 months’ time. Ask them for targets and goals that can be set to help you realistically achieve your promotion goals. Ask for opportunities to prove yourself and show that you can handle more responsibility.

Most managers will be impressed with this attitude of wanting to grow and move forward. They will gladly help you to set targets in place. They will want to keep such a driven person within their business.

  • Be an active and engaged employee

Remember you’re not going to get that promotion alone. You work as part of a team and you need to support that team as much as they support you. Showing that you have commitment and dedication to the business and your team will go a long way. Be available to take on extra responsibility and show initiative in your role. Be an active participant in team meetings and discussions, taking notes and offering input and ideas where appropriate. Take an active role in new company projects and events.

Take part in networking events and opportunities to cement strong relationships with people who could support you in your promotion.

  • Continue to improve your skillset

Take every opportunity to keep learning. Be at the very front of what is happening within your industry. Take courses, online webinars, attend conferences when possible outside of work – this will show real commitment to your role and development.

Improve your leadership skills by being a valued member of staff; always be on time, listen to others, be trustworthy and dependable.

  • Prove your value add

Keep a record of all your training and successes throughout the year. Build a strong portfolio of your abilities. It is really important when presenting for a promotion. If you have been hitting targets, leading your team, fronting a new initiative or project, gaining relevant qualifications, document it all. This will prove your worth to the business and your continued value.

  • Be a ‘go to guy’

Make yourself indispensable to the company. Excel in your area and be a wealth of knowledge that other employees can draw from. Why not create a new system or operation style that improves the business, making you the expert in that area?

A promotion is never guaranteed but these are positive steps you can take to make your position much stronger. Alongside this they can really help you focus on getting the most out of your role and setting your future goals.

Keeli MacMillan

SearchDATA Group

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