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The results from your strategies depend on their execution from your team. You need to hire top talent for your business to grow – we know this is easier said than done. The current climate is ferociously competitive and highly challenging in certain sectors, especially in IT with an abundance of roles and limited candidates to fill them. Therefore, we’re going to help you understand how to hire top IT talent; suggesting slight adjustments to optimise your teams’ potential. Let’s improve your hiring strategy…

Consult with a Managed Service Partnership

Partnering with a recruitment consultancy is your best bet to hire top talent on mass to fill various positions throughout your organisation. Even if it’s only a consultation you’re after, SearchDATA are ready to assist with your query without any obligations. Committing to a full-service offering will slingshot your business forward with a team perfectly built to push the growth of your business.

Create engaging job descriptions

Job ads must get the point across quickly and effectively with an easy discourse. This helps candidates understand where they can add value and be rewarded for their efforts. The descriptions are likely their first encounter with an advertised position, so info around what it’s like to work at your company can make a role more attractive.

Obviously, all the basic info is necessary, but role specific info in relation to the industry is more important. For instance, a data scientist in the IT sector wants to know what languages they’ll use and the training options available.

Interview effectively and offer quickly

How in line is the interview process with the everyday tasks of the role they’re applying for? Rigid situation-based questions can highlight experience, although they can limit what a candidate expresses regarding adding value to your operation. What have they done vs what can they do – it’s a fine balance; are you screening carefully?

In addition, you ought to be aware of salary market rates, which you can find here in our General IT Salary Guide. This will give insight and prepare you to make an offer quickly, showing the candidate you’re serious about the hire and avoiding any last-minute upset with them taking another offer!

Thanks for dropping in. Stay tuned for our hiring and retention guide to help you reduce staff turnover, and contact the SearchDATA team for all your recruitment queries. See you in a fortnight!