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Whether your aims are short or long-term, we help achieve structured objectives to meet the long-term, high-volume hiring needs via a Managed Service Partnership, or simply recruiting in the short-term to fill various IT vacancies quickly with top talent! Did you know that since the end of 2021, around 92% of businesses say they experienced skills shortages – 46% further saying it affects morale (StandOut CV). So, this blog intends to help you understand exactly who we are, how to improve your staffing strategy, and what we can do to help achieve your hiring aims and objectives in a saturated market.

SearchDATA Partnerships

A data led process is our USP. Therefore, we take action based on market statistics. Achieving structured objectives towards the aim of long-term, high-volume hiring is possible through a Managed Service Partnership. An MSP delivers a custom, full-service offering tailored to your business needs by fully integrating with your organisation to understand it top to bottom. We will then improve talent acquisition by:

  • Marketing scoping
  • Candidate sourcing
  • Candidate engagement
  • Hiring manager engagement
  • Candidate validation process
  • Candidate assessment and interview
  • Offer and pre-employment screen
  • Start date

Although if requirements are limited to a small number of roles, the retainer model may be better suited to fill these vacancies, with the possibility to develop into an exclusive partnership for our services. If you’d like further information on this subject, have a chat with James – our dedicated managed services consultant who will gladly answer any queries.

Top three tips for staffing your business

Our top three staffing tips include:

  • Evaluate short or long-term needs regarding employment types to maximise current requirements. It may be better to hire on a temp basis. Therefore, a recruitment partner would be better placed to help with project specific work
  • Optimise the interview process by filtering candidates with quality job ads that clearly specify the benefits of the role. Alongside screening multiple candidates that fit the bill to keep options open. Interview carefully between 30 mins to one hour using the STAR method. Develop these stages in line with job requirements and competition for the role
  • Offer quickly, onboard, and provide continuous reviews and training in line with individualised progression plans. Nurture talent through proper training that incentivises them to stay with your business, thus improving retention rates and overall morale

Help creating your staffing strategy

Whilst recruiting is a single step in the employment journey, staffing is an ongoing process that involves the initial recruitment stage; however, it goes above and beyond that in terms of retaining and maintaining a strong workforce. SearchDATA Partnership consultants are best placed to develop people strategies tailored to maintaining employees at each seniority level within the Data Analytics & BI sector. Therefore, we can help in three simple ways:

  • Establish your workforce landscape in line with business goals
  • Identify staffing needs and create a projection
  • Review the plan regularly to create a strong organisational culture

Thanks for dropping in. Check out our Partnerships handbook and contact the SearchDATA team with any staffing queries. See you in a fortnight for our next blog!