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With 2021 behind us, it’s worthwhile to start looking ahead at some of the biggest industry trends predicted for 2022 – suggested by the industry’s best and brightest! We’re combining our own expertise with the latest industry news to deliver our top five biggest trends for 2022. Stay ahead of the curve with SearchDATA… Let’s dive right into it!

Five… Hybrid working and increased flexibility

The working environment has changed drastically over the last two years, with more and more working relationships offering increased flexibility in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Employers are acting with caution, implementing hybrid working models to adapt to flexible working demands – increasing flexibility as a staff retainment strategy.

Hybrid working will continue into 2022 because employers and employees alike are experiencing the benefits of remote working, such as stress reduction, improved mood, higher engagement, better productivity, and an improved work-life balance. So, what does this mean for the future of job search? According to Atlas Cloud (2021), the top three job search priorities are salary, the ability to work remotely, and the ability to work flexible hours. This means the ability to work from home will be a huge factor when considering potential opportunities, meaning that companies who refuse to allow increased flexibility will struggle to attract new talent. In addition to struggling with employee retention.

Four… The Great Resignation and stay interviews

Apparently, nearly a quarter of UK workers are planning to change jobs in the next few months as part of ‘The Great Resignation’ (Maddyness, 2021). This is a result of the government encouraging re-skilling and training, given the shift in the working environment in the wake of the pandemic. This shuffle looks to continue well into 2022 and considering this, a new type of interview is growing in popularity: the ‘stay interview.’

According to Fike (2021), editor at LinkedIn news, the ‘stay interview’ intends to encourage employees to detail potential reasons to stay, in order to improve retention efforts, whilst helping employers understand employee goals and how to reduce their staff turnover. Therefore, it is likely this interview will grow in popularity throughout 2022 to optimise retention strategies.

Three… AI, digital transformation, and cloud

We foresee more attention and investment placed in cyber-security, AI, and the cloud in 2022. AI has become the backbone of advanced technologies such as automation, IoT, data analytics, robotics, cloud, and chatbots. According to BCS (2021), the full impact of AI will be seen when it’s leveraged with complementary technology and customer centred thinking – not as a way of replacing existing tech and people. Embracing this triad forms powerful applications and adds value for both people and business.

(BCS, 2021) also suggests that cloud native infrastructures and IoT will be preferred for growth. Due to the design of digital customer and employee experiences collapsing without the right cloud support. This means enterprises will focus on strategic directives to migrate legacy applications to the cloud, to increase flexibility and availability of their products and services.

Two… Data science & machine learning

Data science and machine learning are key trends going into next year. There’s a huge skills shortage of data scientists – employers are on the hunt; on mass to fill positions in a booming sector which is seeing more candidates present degrees and further qualifications in the subject area, so we can expect a boom of interest here too!

Now, we’re seeing strong growth in hyperautomation – the use of multiple interconnected technologies such as AI, machine learning, and augmented analytics; improving the collaboration between humans and machines, and the productivity of this relationship. Quantum machine learning will be huge in 2022 – the intersection between quantum computing and AI, enabling the creation of better machine learning and AI models. As machine learning develops, it’ll be possible to access key resources through cloud models (KDnuggets, 2021).

One… AI & predictive analytics

AI in analytics will increase as it ensures accurate data segregation and analysis with no human error in a much faster time. It is likely that predictive analytics will drive new, emerging use cases around the next generation of online applications. 2022 will see the technology become more immersive and embedded. The capabilities of predictive analytics are set to drive use cases in next-gen apps such as metaverse applications and the next generation of composable applications (Petracek, 2021).

Additionally, the current climate demands real-time visibility and up-to-the-minute recommendations from data and analytics. Predictive analytics will help companies thrive next year, using the data they have to get ahead, whilst developing more discipline around decisions and actions (O’Connell, 2021).

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