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There is no right or wrong way to format your CV. Although there’s a few factors to consider when creating a standout CV for your dream job in the IT sector. Instead of providing you with a standard template, we’re going to discuss the best practices for composing a top-notch resume in 2022. Discussing our top five CV dos and don’ts to help you land that ideal role. You should know that hiring managers and recruiters typically spend between 6-8 sec looking at a CV (StandOut CV, 2022). With that in mind, let’s dive into our first tip!

Tip one – be personable, not robotic…

How do we use those six or so seconds to make a good first impression so that they read on? Personability is the key here. The CV should initially stand out in terms of readability. Just a basic intro with an overview of the role you’re looking for, alongside your standout skill; followed by achievements that’re contextualised with the specific position should do the trick.

Tip two – let them know your qualifications now that they’re reading on

Industry standard qualifications should always go at the top of the CV, even before academic qualifications. This is because they highlight projects that reflect the skills you’ve previously suggested in practice. So, you’re walking the walk so to speak…

Tip three – tell them where you’ve applied these qualifications

Next you should identify previous positions in reverse chronological order, giving as much context as possible – detailing the level of ownership and involvement in the role, especially project work and contract positions. How exactly did you add value?

Tip four – be more personable with achievements, hobbies, and interests

Only add academic achievements in that are relevant for the job in this section, are the others necessary, such as your GCSE results? From a junior’s perspective, recent modular work would be beneficial for example.

Furthermore, adding some flavour to a dry context can’t hurt – a little humour can spice things up so long as it’s not offensive – this is entirely a personal preference.

Tip five – avoid doing these things…

Try to avoid highlighting certain words in bold to draw attention to them. Be minimalistic with design and consistent with fonts and colours. Also, don’t leave gaps in positions unexplained, as this will be interpreted suspiciously by hiring managers. Lastly, don’t refer to yourself in the third person, and make sure to include the month as well as the year in reference to the tenure of a role.

If you would like to discuss these points further, then please get in touch with Grace, our Senior Recruitment Consultant who would be more than happy to help!

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