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If you’re a job hunter or have recently been looking for a new role, you’ll know the process can be tedious and time consuming. Sifting through jobs ads, applying on job boards, sending emails, and cold calling/messaging costs time and energy. We understand the process can be detrimental to your outlook if things aren’t going your way. That’s why we’re going to discuss our top tips and tricks to optimise your job search. Apparently, it takes the average candidate roughly four months to find a job (StandOut Cv, 2022). Let’s make this process smoother for you…

Set realistic targets

The process as a whole can be daunting. Breaking it down into manageable objectives will turn an overwhelming scenario into an something accomplishable. You may have heard of the law of averages; this plays a part in job hunting as it’s a numbers game after all. We’d recommend setting weekly targets, such as the number of ads to apply to, the number of companies to reach out to, or the amount of people to message/call. Achieving weekly targets will help motivate you on the job hunt.

Keep to a routine

Job hunting is a pretty much a full-time job, so you have to approach it like that or else you can slump into laziness with no apparent structure to your daily activities. To improve your job search and stay productive, we suggest doing the same things you would for work, getting into that ‘work zone’. If this means dressing in your smarts, do so!

Track your progress

Getting the job you’re hunting for is the ultimate win. But you’ve got to celebrate smaller wins throughout your job search to reward your efforts and stay motivated. We’d suggest tracking your progress through KPIs, such as number of applications, companies contacted etc. This can be done via a spreadsheet to visualise the process and your continuous efforts. Recording the number of call backs or responses will show your progress and help your motivation.

Our final tip is the obvious one, get in touch with a recruiter. Recruitment consultancies such as ourselves specialise in search and selection in the Data Analytics sector; placing candidates with support through the entire application process. See what we’re all about here.

Thanks for dropping in. Contact the SearchDATA team with any job search queries. See you in a fortnight for our next blog!