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Just how diverse is your workforce? Diversity and inclusion is somewhat of a buzz phrase these days. A recruitment strategy favouring a diverse hiring process will encourage wider candidate sourcing. Thus, enabling the acquisition of top talent with varied and expanded perspectives. 85% of UK employers consider workplace diversity to be a priority (RobertWalters.co.uk). So, why should you consider diversifying your hiring process?

A diverse workforce increases performance

Diversity hiring means hiring based on merit, with care taken to make sure procedures have reduced biases regarding personal characteristics. Diversification attracts more job interest. A variation in skillsets from a wider talent pool assists the overall potential for output. This is because differing perspectives and approaches to work are offered to reach the most effective solutions. A study conducted by McKinsey & Co. prove a statistically significant association between a diverse team and financial outperformance. This is a key reason for diversifying your hiring process!

Better performance means better productivity and employee retention

A diversified team is likely to be an inclusive one, which makes for a happy workforce. This results in better performance, productivity, and retention, which reduces turnover rates. This is because Including and appreciating different people regardless of race or gender will help towards an inclusive workplace, and staff enjoying their time at your organisation. It’s clear a happy workforce is a loyal and productive one!

A retained workforce is an engaged one, probably for the long-term

High retention rates buy long-term loyalty and stability within your ranks. This bolsters the company culture and overall performance of your organisation. Included individuals are likely to be involved with decisions as they feel safe to express their opinions, leading to a stronger, more inclusive, and productive workforce.

When you diversify your hiring process, you will hire people with different backgrounds and experiences which fosters creativity and innovation. This means the organisation will benefit from innovative ways of working, breathing fresh air into operations, whilst making you more competitive.

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