What is a Managed Service Partnership?

We understand that when it comes to high quality talent the search never ends. Wouldn’t you rather be spending your time doing what you do best?

As your business grows so does the complexity of your hiring needs. Many organisations find they just don’t have the strategies or tools needed to be able to secure the talent they seek.

If your internal recruitment resource needs a little extra help then look no further than a Managed Service Partnership (MSP). By creating an integrated recruitment and organisational partnership an MSP can bring you the best possible results. Using the most up to date recruitment processes and technologies an MSP will deliver you the top talent to take your business to the next level.

If you use any of the below to measure the success of your hiring capabilities, then an MSP could be right for you.

What does a Managed Service Partnership Include?

An MSP provides a full, custom service tailored to your business needs. By fully integrating with and understanding your business we can help to improve your talent acquisition capabilities.

  • Market Scoping
  • Candidate Sourcing
  • Candidate Engagement
  •  Hiring Manager Engagement
  • Candidate Validation Process
  • Candidate Assessment and Interview
  • Offer and Pre-Employment Screen
  • Start Date

Want To Know More?

For full details of our Managed Service Partnership offerings, including details on:

  • Enterprise MSP
  • Hybrid MSP
  • Project MSP

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